Painter in Oil and  Pastel

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The first step in commissioning a portrait would be to telephone and arrange a time when we could meet to discuss the possibilities. Alternatively, you could ask me to post you further details.

My general approach is one I have developed over years, always with the intention of providing a characteristic likeness, at the same time as developing a drawing or painting in my own style.

This method has allowed me to gain many satisfied customers, both at home and abroad.

I would need from 1 to 3 sittings of about an hour each, during which time I would take photographs and make notes.

I would do most of the painting at my studio, without the sitter, but before I start I would show you a full-size preparatory study of the final drawing or painting. This means you would be able to confirm you were happy with the size and the general appearance of the planned work.

When completed I would bring the portrait to you. In rare instances I may need to do some retouching.

Each portrait has its own unique requirements.  As you can see from the examples on this website, each commission gives rise to a work which is completely individual.